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Alliance Primary School,

Kowloon Tong

Mini-Hall  (3/F - 5/F)

Acoustics, System Design–Build
Where Visual Aesthetics meets Auditory Aesthetics
A Rare Encounter between Beauty and Functionality

The Mini-Hall is a rare structure in the city, representing a unique marriage between acoustics and architectural design.  


Music plays a major part in the education the Alliance Primary School offers, as they believe music brings out the beautiful side of humanity.  For decades they have dedicated to music so much, APS developed some great ensembles and orchestras. They have great players, they have great performances, yet they never had a dedicated space for them to rehearse.


This is the backstory (origin) of the Mini-Hall.


Right from the beginning, On Technology worked with Groundwork Architects + Associates to provide Acoustics, AV System and Fitting-out solutions.  To achieve maximum sound insulation effect, we embedded various damping materials inside the structural layers to minimize the sound isolation system’s footprint.  Our team of acoustic designers, system designers and contractors worked very closely with the design architects, allowing us to address the technical issues and to integrate our solutions into the design effortlessly during the fitting-out stage.  By nature, the concave ceiling has its acoustics issues as it focuses sound to a wok.  We incorporated a set of designs into the walls behind the curtain to address this specific issue.  Our team has also “hidden” a fully functioning Control Room, a set of sound-reinforcement systems, a curve LED wall, and many more inside and outside of the Hall.


The Mini-Hall poses as a challenge of itself, for its curvatures, non-linear design.  It is a perfect candidate to demonstrate how complex a complex can be, and how far we can take this complex to be.

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