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IO-R38 is a Triad-Orbit retrofit quick-change coupler with a 3/8 inch male mounting thread. IO-R38 adds additional device mounting points to IO-Desk and IO-Vector for cameras, lights, and microphones. Every IO-R38 is loaded with an IO-H1 hex mounting head.


IO-R38 is an aluminum IO-R quick-change coupler equipped with a 3/8-inch threaded male mounting stud. IO-R38 is purpose-built to add IO mounting options to IO-Vector utility bars, IO-Desk and IO-C clamps.


The IO-R38 Quick-Change Coupler is comprised of two main parts:

  • The IO-H1 Hex Head with 5/8″-27 diameter thread for most mic clips and microphone accessories.
  • The IO-R38 coupler body, which provides Triad-Orbit quick-change compatibility to anything equipped with a 3/8-16 female thread.


IO-RA also includes a 3/8-16 male to 5/8-27 female adapter, as well as two 3/8-16 female to female couplers.

IO-R38 – IO-Retrofit 3/8" Male

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