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IO-RL Lighting Stud Quick Change Coupler

Triad-Orbit’s IO-RL is the first full-size quick-change coupler built specifically for photo/video lighting support. IO-RL enables instant hardware swaps, replacing the tedious threaded screw and hole connections between lights, modifiers and stands.


IO-RL Lighting Stud Quick-Change Couplers are designed to connect professional lights to lighting stands and mounting hardware. IO‑RL retrofits to conventional C-stands and lighting mounts and provides instant IO quick-change compatibility. Equip all your lights and modifiers with Triad‑Orbit IO‑H5 hex mounting heads for instant quick-change mounting to IO‑RL. IO‑RL pays for itself with time saved during set changes.


The IO-RL Quick-Change Coupler is comprised of two main parts:

  • The IO-H5 Hex Head with both a 1/4-20 male mounting thread and a standard 5/8″ diameter stud for most photographic and video lighting fixtures.
  • The IO-RL coupler body, which provides lighting stands instant, quick-change compatibility with all Triad-Orbit stand system components.


IO-RL also includes two sets of set screws, one long set and one short and an adjustment wrench.


Refer to the Triad-Orbit Systems Building Guide for more potential applications.


IO-RL – IO-Retrofit Lighting

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