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MICRO3 / M3-R – Retrofittable Adapter

Micro 3™- M3 Represents the best of M1 and M2, using the M1 longer stem for reach and stand-off for ease with shock mount rotation and basket positioning along with M2’s 4 point compass post housing with a deeper crenel to go past 90º and the new upgraded textured stainless steel ball for tremendous hold.


Conventional stands can benefit from TRIAD-ORBIT quick-change innovation with the addition of MICRO and IO Retrofit Components. Retrofitting conventional stands and boom arms with MICRO-R and IO-R aftermarket components provides an instant upgrade in functionality.


Refer to the Triad-Orbit Systems Building Guide for more potential applications.

M3-R – Micro 3-Retrofittable

  • Length 8 cm. / 3 in.
    Product Weight 0.2 kg. / 0.5 lb.
    Max Recommended Weight Capacity 5 kg. / 11 lb.
    • M2-R Orbital Hanging Mic Adapter
    • 5/8" female to 3/8" male adapter
    • T-Knob (can be used in place of standard round knob)
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