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ORBIT Series O1-L – Long Single-arm Orbital Boom

The ORBIT O1-L Orbital Boom is—in a word—revolutionary. With its proprietary ball swivel and robust build quality, surgically precise microphone, light, camera, or device placement is now attainable in every  performance scenario, regardless of the venue.


ORBIT single-arm orbital booms utilize a stainless steel ball swivel mechanism to deliver an unparalleled range of motion (360° x 190°) that’s extremely smooth, quiet and stable. Orbit booms incorporate IO quick-change couplers for rapid hardware changes without the hassle and delay of threaded connections. Orbit O1-L booms have a larger counterweight than the OM Series booms (1Kilo vice .5Kilo) which increases stability when handling heavier large diaphragm microphones, lights, or cameras at distances up to 37.5″.  Orbit O1-L booms utilize industrial-grade clutches in lieu of knobs and thumbscrews to secure all points of adjustment on the shafts. The knurled metal clutch barrels are coated to provide a comfortable ergonomic grip that yields more torque. With no protruding parts, Orbit 1-L booms transport and store with total reliability.


Refer to the Triad-Orbit Systems Building Guide for more potential applications.

O1-L – Orbit 1-Long

  • Max Reach

    97.5 cm. / 38.5 in.

    Range of Motion 360 x 190°
    Product Weight 2.6 kg. / 5.75 lb.
    Max Recommended Weight Capacity 4 kg. / 8.75 lb.
    • Orbit 1 Boom
    • IO-H1 Standard 5/8" Mounting Head
    • 5/8" female to 3/8" male adapter
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