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安科技  ON Technology  (OnTech)

ON Technology Limited, is a professional company specializing in the most updated technology of installing, maintaining and supplying for Acoustic Design / System Design.  We provide outstanding services to top companies and national institutions across the regions of Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, in a wide range of expertise of theatre, concert hall, stadium, arena, recording studios, TV, radio broadcast, post-production, CD mastering production and conference.  We design and build international standard recording studio, control room for professionals, as well as HI-FI AV Room for high demand listening.

陳柱石  TS Chan


Mr. Chan Tee Sat, Director of On Technology Ltd., is an expert in Acoustic Design/System Design with more than 40 years of experience, for which he has carried a high reputation in the technology circle.  He built over 50 professional studio facilities in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, and many other locations in Asia.  He is well known to be a leading Chinese acoustic designer.

Great Hall of the People 人⺠大會堂

World renowned P.A. System

System's Acoustic Designer, System Designer and Project Director



Dolby Labs Consultant  (retd)

IEEE member (retd)

SMPTE member (retd)

AES member (retd)

Track records of Mr. T. S. Chan’s professional services over years:

  • Design Institute, Ministry of Radio, Film & TV (Beijing)
    (Now: National Radio and Television Administration, NRTA 國家廣播電視總局)
    P.A. Project

  • People’s Hall of China (Beijing)  人民大會堂
    World renowned P.A. System
    System's Acoustic Designer, System Designer and Project Director

  • China TV – Drama Production Centre
    Digital Post Production System

  • People’s Education Press – Audio / Visual Teaching Materials  人民教育出版社
    24-Track Music Recording System

  • China Record Company 中国唱片总公司
    Multi-track Recording Truck

  • China National Communication & Education Centre for Family

    AV Synchronization System & TV Production System Planning

  • Ministry of TV (General Industry)
    A total of 200 Audio O.B. Van for whole China

  • Centre People’s Broadcasting Station, Beijing
    (Now: 中央人民廣播電台 China National Radio)
    Audio Equipment for production

  • Radio Beijing  (Now 中國國際廣播電台 China Radio International, CRI)
    Multi-track Recording Truck

  • Beijing Audio Equipment Factory
    Multi-track Music Recording System

  • Beijing Film Studio 北京電影製片廠
    Dolby-certified Film Recording and Production System

  • China Theatre
    Multi-track Recording System

  • Shanghai Broadcasting Station
    Recording O.B. Van

  • Shanghai Film Studio 上海電影製片廠
    Dolby-certified Film Recording and Production System

  • Shanghai Audio-Visual Press 上海声像出版社
    Multi-track Recording System

  • Guangdong Television, GDTV 廣東電視台
    (Now: 廣東廣播電視台 Guangdong Radio and Television, GRT)

    Large Video Production O.B. Van

  • Guangdong People’s Broadcasting Station 廣東人民廣播電台
    Broadcast O.B. Van & Audio Production System

  • Tian-he Sports Centre Stadium, Guangzhou 天河體育場
    P.A. System & TV Production System

  • Xinjiang People’s Hall 新疆人民會堂
    P.A. System for 3,300 / 500 participants

  • Hangzhou Magnetic Tape Factory 杭州磁帶廠
    Multi-track Recording System

  • Shenzhen Concert Hall 深圳音樂廳
    Theatre P.A. system for 1,800 participants

  • Digimax, Inc., Taiwan 太極影音
    Acoustic Design for a Music Recording & TV / Film Post-Production Studio

  • China Television Co, Taiwan 中國電視公司
    HDTV Recording and Mixing Studio

  • Sonopress Singapore
    CD/DVD Mastering Studio

  • Sonopress Hong Kong
    CD/DVD Mastering Studio

  • Sony Music Hong Kong 索尼音樂娛樂(香港)
    Super Audio CD Mastering Studio

  • ASM Assembly Automation Ltd, Hong Kong
    Acoustic Design Consultation

  • Music 2000 Ltd, Hong Kong 音樂2000有限公司
    Music Recording Studio

  • People Mountain People Sea, Hong Kong 人山人海
    Music Recording Studio

  • R&B Studio Limited, Hong Kong
    Music Recording System

  • Tang Lou, Hong Kong 「唐樓」錄音室
    Music Recording Studio and Control Room

  • The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong 香港演藝學院
    Music Studios and Control Rooms

  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club 香港賽馬會
    Audio Recording and Production System

  • New Life Church, Taipei 新生命小組教會
    Music Recording Studios and Control Rooms

  • Drum Music Limited, Hong Kong
    Music Recording Studios and Control Rooms

  • HKFO Studio 香港節樂
    Rehearsal Studio, Teaching Facilities, Small Performance Venue

  • TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College 東華三院黃笏南中學
    Auditorium Acoustic Mitigation;  Audio/Video Content-Synchronised Recording, Web-Broadcasting and Production System.

  • Alliance Primary School Kowloon Tong 九龍塘宣道小學
    Assembly Hall Acoustic and System Design–Build
    Gymnasium Acoustic and System Design–Build

  • Alliance Primary School Kowloon Tong 九龍塘宣道小學
    Mini-Hall Fitting-out, Acoustic Design–Build

  • Build A Music School (BAMS) 緬甸景楝音樂學校計劃
    Acoustic and System Consultancy

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